This is a brief overview of steps to be taken if you believe you might have a claim. Forms are available on this site for preliminary claims reporting for workers comp or all other claims . We must be contacted by you, as soon as possible, to properly complete the report.

Damage to film/tape/electronic media
Note date, time and cause of loss, e.g. scratch from camera or lab, lost in transit, who was Damage to Film/Tape/Electronic Media involved, which equipment was involved in the loss. Save all damaged material no matter what the condition. Report these claims immediately.

Bodily injury to third parties
Get medical attention for injured party. Prevent others from being injured in the same way. As in all claims note who, when, where, and what  was involved.

Damage to equipment or property
Protect damaged property and other equipment from additional damage. If the damaged property is rented, such as a location, a venue or equipment contact the owner immediately and do not make repairs unless and until allowed to do so by the owner. Again note when, where, who and what was involved. If theft or vandalism is a cause of loss make a police report immediately.

Automobile claims
Note (all together now) who, what(vehicles), where, when the loss occurred. Get the name, address and license of each driver involved and the name and address of passengers in all vehicles and if possible names and addresses of any witnesses. Get the insurance information ( company, policy number) for each vehicle involved and if the accident was on a public street, involved theft or bodily injury call the police immediately.

Injury to hired individuals (Workers Compensation)
Arrange treatment for injured party immediately. Complete and submit Employers First Report to the insurance company (provided with your Workers Comp policy or use the on this site) within 3 days of the injury – preferably the same day as the injury. Take necessary steps to see others are not injured from the same cause.

Service of suit
If you are served with legal papers note the date, time and place the papers were served, who served them and who received them. Then call your broker immediately so that the insurance company can be notified. Do not take this lightly. Time is of the essence as a result of the Trial Court Delay Reduction Act of 1986.